Who should initiate first contact after the first date?

I had am amazing first date with a woman this past week but haven't heard from her since.

I've been told that a woman should be the one because the guy asked her out, planned the date, drove her around, payed for food and activities, and initates physial contact and kissing. This made sense to me because women like to chase and her initating contact after the date is her opportunity to chase a little and show her interest in me.

Up until now I can't think of a single time where I had a good date with a woman and she didn't text me within a day or two, even if we didn't end up going out again. Only bad dates or dates where we didn't make a connection would I not hear from her.

I don't have any problem calling her first but I've been told that asking a woman out before she's ready is the quickest way to scare her away. Maybe she had fun on the date, but now is questioning if things are moving too fast (we made out several different times during the night). Maybe there is another guy she was semi-serious with, and now she's unsure how she feels about each of us. Maybe she really likes me but there is one thing about me she's not sure might be a deal breaker for her.

Women, does you not contacting a guy after a great date mean you're just not ready for a 2nd date yet and you need some time and you'll call later, or does it mean you really like him and you're too shy or nervous to call or text him?


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  • It really depends on the girl. Sometimes they're too shy/are the type that want the guy to initiate first and sometimes they need time.


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  • Nah. That's bullshit. Some women consider it mandatory to wait for the man to contact her. This one probably thinks the same thing.

    You're trying to play the game too hard. Relax and do what you want to do. You want to continue things? Then call her and ask her out again. If she's trying to play bullshit games as well, break it off and move on.


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  • Yeah it's not uncommon for her to wait for the guy to contact

  • pretty much always the guy, not because i feel thats how it should be, but i feel i speak for the majority of women


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