Did he lose respect for me?

I fell in love with this guy the moment I saw him. I didn't believe in love at first sight until the day I met him. Everything went so fast between us. We had our first kiss after a day only. That kiss ended up turning into a really steamy make out session. He rubbed my butt, I didn't stop him, but then he tried to rub my "inner thighs", I moved his hand. I ended up with a huge hickey on my lip. I'm a really shy girl, but I don't know what happened that night. I wasn't even drunk! We're still texting, and he calls me 'my love' but I'm afraid that he lost respect for me?


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  • He may have or he may have not. It depends on what kind of guy he is and unfortunately it doesn’t look like you’ve had enough exposure to his personality to truly know yet. Some guys are really chill and laid back about that kind of thing so they don’t see it as a big deal and kinda view it as a natural perk to dating or “talking to” someone. Other guys are players and they view romance as some type of game where when a woman willingly, vulnerably gives sexual or physical access is like a “checkmate”. Then they get bored with her and move onto the next conquest, trying to elevate their skill like a loser with no legitimate social life or healthy hobbies. Those guys generally don’t respect women and the female experience otherwise they wouldn’t even start that ish to begin with.

    Give it a week or so then get back to me and I’ll be able to help some more :)


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  • He didn't lose any respect for you because when you moved his hand he didn't get angry he respected your decision. Although maybe he had no respect for you in the first place as it seems he wanted it all straight away.


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