What should I do to make his parents like me?

Sorry for the long paragraph but this whole thing is complicated. I started dating my boyfriend eleven months ago. He's been living on campus at college but has come home for a year and that's how we met - through work. We are thinking about getting our own place but lately there has been a lot of controversy between us and his parents. His parents are strict Catholics but he isn't. I'm not Catholic but I am Luthern, wich is a close demonination of Catholocism. He says that his mom really likes me but I feel like his dad just seems to be pushing me away. My dad right now is in jail for driving drunk. My dad has a history of doing this so he has been in and out of jail since I was little, leaving my mom to raise my brother and I. My boyfriend's parents think that my family is a bad influence and would rather him not come over to my house. I feel like they are judging the rest of my family based on my dad's mistakes and with my family being a bad influence, they'd rather him not come over to my house. My boyfriend is soon going to be 27. I am going to be 22. My boyfriend didn't want to go back to school because he believes that he's not a good student because he took some time off years before because he failed a class or two. This time that he went back to school, it was to finish up his senior year but he ended up failing it do to things like depression and just not putting in effort, which he knows I am not happy with him for failing but he is getting his crap together. He got a job and is looking to go back to school but in-state. Going back to what I was origonally talking about... his parents view me as a distraction and I'm afraid that they are silently blaming me for distracting me from his school work, although I'm in colllege too, so I have my own stuff to do.
my post was too long so here is the rest of it:

Every time I go over to his house, I end up getting a lecture about something from his dad. His dad likes to give big long lectures that may or may not seem like they are related to the lesson so by the time he gets to the lecture, I'm lost. We're thinking about getting our own place but I don't see that going over well with them. How can I make them like me?


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  • If your boyfriend isn't worried about it then you shouldn't be either. He's 27 years old and no longer their responsibility. If he wants things patched up between his parents and you, then it's his job to make it happen. Not yours.


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