We like the same girl ?

Hello everybody, I have hell of problem here, if you could help me out with it, it would be amazing. The main problem is that last week a new girl was hired at my job, and the thing is that I like her and my coworker also likes her.

So here is the whole story. When I first saw her I didn't really wanted to hit on her, even though she was very very pretty, so I was just kind of ignoring her, but she started talking to me and we started to chat, and eventually during the week I realized that I really like this girl, BUT I also realized that this other guy was hitting on her way too much harder than me. He literally looks like a bug flying around a light. AND the thing is that he works more days a week with her than I do, and yesterday , which was my day off, my friend sent me a text that this guy gave her a pice of paper with his phone numer, I don't know if he asked her out or anything, I just know that he gave her that.

Now If you ask me how is her body language with me and with him, I think that she likes me more than she likes him. This is why I think so: She started talking to me, with this line, "You are really nice". When we talk she gets closer to me, most of the time she starts the conversation, and when we talk, if im talking to me we make eye contact but if she is talking she looks at the floor and plays with her hands, and when she laughs even if I say a really stupid joke. With him she laughes way more. Since my point of view his game is so childish because she is picking on her most of the time.

So the thing is that i dont want him to win the race, (I'm not saying that she is a prize or something like that), because I really like her, so if you have any suggestions please let me know, Should I ask her to hang out as soon as possible?

Please Help !!!


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  • What ever you do, don't put her in the middle of the two of you and see who she goes to!

  • Let the girl go. She's not worth it


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