I like this guy, but my friends don't think I should go near him, so what do I do?

I dated this guy for one year, and we broke up four years ago when he had to move. I'll find myself constantly thinking about him, but I recently found out some disturbing news from my friend. The boy I dated had wanted to 'make love to me' and other things. Even though I know I shouldn't like him anymore after finding out this news, I still couldn't stop thinking about him. When my friend came over I'd find myself talking about him to her, and whenever I heard his name my heart sort of skipped a beat. I find that I just can't let go of him, even though he's had many other girlfriends (40+!) after me. He recently tried to get in touch with me through my friend, but I told my friend to keep my social media accounts private from him because I was scared. Should I listen to my friends and let him go, or should I contact him? Am I a bad person for still loving him?
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  • trust your friends.


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  • What did he do?

    • My friend said he wanted to make love to me, And to others he wasn't the nicest perosn.

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