Is it wrong to like/love a mean, stuck up and conceited girl?

The first time I met her I remember her being extremely bitchy and rude. She has this entitiled complex where she acted like everyone liked her and she could get everyguy she want. She treats most people like pue garbage. I've also heard this from lots of other people, not just through my own observation. But slowly, for some reason we got to know each other more and i've been going out with her a lot the past few months. She's actually really soft and nice towards me for some reason? However, she still bitches about other people quite often and I still see her being mean to other people. She's sort of rich so she loves to comment on how awful someone is wearing something.
Am I doing something wrong? I really do like her.
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  • Honestly, it says a lot about you as a person. Despite seeing all her open faults, you still gave her a chance and that's commendable.

    Some guys would've been repulsed by that type of girl.

    Understand that she has given you a privilege (according to her) to see her softness and heart. You can either break her or build her up with the privilege she's given you

    Try to get to the root of why she's so foul to other people. You could help change her attitude. Love is the best makeup artist. And I can see you create a masterpiece with this girl

    Good luck

    • Thanks! That actually makes a lot of sense. I'd definitely keep what you said in mind.

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  • You, personally, are not doing anything wrong. So, if you're wondering if her being a bitch is your fault, it isn't. Not in the slightest. A person has no power over anyone but themselves. If you do not like the way she is acting, speak up. Ask her why she's acting out. People who are mean like that typically have something deep within themselves that they encase, and usually when they are mean to people, they are projecting their own insecurities and fears unto said person. I think you should be patient with her... let the dates roll by, and if things become more serious, I'm sure she'll open up to you a bit more... and if she doesn't change... I guess its up to you to consider the possibility that you and this girl may not be that good of a match.

  • You're not doing anything wrong, but the fact that she's judging people without knowing them doesn't bother you at all?

    • It does bother me that's why i'm questioning if it's okay to be with someone who has that sort of attitude to other people. Should I talk to her about it?

    • I think it would do her better if you did.

  • A Gemini trait? I know afew bitchy people who complains too easily.. Then they say its because they were molested or sexually assaulted.

    • Its just how much you can tolerate until you stand up to her.

      Maybe she just needs someone to love her, perhaps she might change

  • its not a good thing.


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