What does he really mean when he says he doesn't want to rush things by asking me to be his girlfriend (dating to months)?

I know im probably reading to much into it but he just got out of a long term relationship 4 months before we started dating he says he's falling in love with me but I can't help and think that he's not over her


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  • He's not, he's falling in love with the feeling of falling I'm love again but if it came down to it. She'd be the preference. There's a sense of comfort there and an understanding

    • Ouch! So do you think im his rebound? Does this mean there's no hope for me and him?

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    • They were together a year and three months. He broke up with her because she was to controling and whatever happened between them he says he never wants to see or hear from her again, he could be just saying that for me but I know he Defo broke up with her dono if that helps or not tho lol

    • A year and 3 months is a good while, coming from a guy who has done this before tho it could just be it. See we don't like feeling alone especially after a long time of somebody giving us that sense of attention and feeling wanted. (Which is all we want) and you showing him that and letting him feel that way makes him feel good. It reminds him of the way he once felt with that other chick giving him that sensation.

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