So hurt that he didn't even care and moved on so fast after I told him my feelings. Need some advice?

We weren't dating but we had a thing for 2 months, he seemed distant toward the end so i confronted him via text and said i needed something stable but he ignored my text after reading it. We never slept together. Now he's with other girls. Did he not have feelings for me? Was he relived to get me out the picture?


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  • I'll just say straight:
    1. Confronting him by text is impersonal, that should be done in person.
    2. You weren't sleeping together, and after 2 months that's not relationship material in the eyes of most guys.

    • Did I blow it? He didn't reply to my text. I really like him. But he was texting other girls towards the end

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    • Yes. He has my phone number still so I'll just forget about it. It hurts because I blew it. And i really liked him

    • Its been 2 weeks now

  • Perhaps. Best to just move on to some one who wants you.


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