Is it ok to text him "i like you, can you be my boyfriend?" ?

we like in different countries in Europe, he hosted me when i traveled to his city. He kissed me and we made out, he wanted to have sex with me but finally didn't. Then i left. He thought i might be angry with me because i told him i don't want sex. Now its 2 weeks later. I think I could like him. what should i say to ask him to be my bf?
live* in different countries


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  • If you are in different countries can you handle the strain? 1 month, 2 months? etc?

    • well not that far, 3 hours by train or car

    • My ex and I are 2 hours apart and we only lasted 3 months of that and we're best friends, still are, but couldn't handle being that emotionally invested with the distance.

    • I have no job yet, I can go to his city and look for a job

  • Nah, you should just tell him that you have feelings for him and see how he responds

    • How to tell him then? Why can't ask him to be my bf? :p

    • It's the same thing, but just more subtle

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