I need your advice GAGers?

My brother's best friend and I really like each other. He's 30 in December, im 21 in 2 months. My parents like him a lot too as he and my brother have been best friends for 16 years. They know we like each other, but want us to just be friends for now so we can get to know each other properly. He told me if they were completely against us being together, we could never be just friends again as he'd find it too hard to be able to see me without getting upset. It made me worried that my parents will disapprove. Any advice people?


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  • I think the one who may disapprove is your brother since he was friends with him for 16 years but tell your mother how you feel and what you want she may understand

    • My brother has told us to not worry about what he thinks.

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    • I think I should be allowed to date who I like by now. I'm 21 this September.

    • yeah your life, your choices :)

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  • Follow your heart in this situation, it is true that it will be very uncomfy when it does not work out between you guys, try to see each other on a friendship based way, become friends, and when there are sparks, go on a date, just take it slowly. It would be a shame if this love is ment to be and it does not happen because of the situation


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