Girls, What's your ideal date?

It's been a little over a year since my ex-fiancé and I broke it off, and I'm thinking about starting to date again. I'm just curious what your idea for a perfect date would be, might be able to get some ideas from y'all


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  • Spend a full date with my love , and do several activities throughout the day ☺️
    (Example : wake up early in the morning ,
    pack up foods (munchies, drinks etc) blankets , camera , and an extra pair of clothes. ) and go on the road to the (beach, hiking , lake , fishing ,) later just spend time at his place or mine. Shower. Eat some ice cream. Snuggle up against him and watch a movie , (Forrest gump, fury, skeleton key, ect) and just fall asleep after or have intense fore play lol

    A couple of things that would make me feel special would be
    * randomly grabbed the camera and snapped a quick off guard pic of me & compliment on how beautiful I look
    *be silly with me
    *keep me very close to him

    • This >>>>

      I want this to happen lol, but I actually decided to just not date while I'm here, I'm moving again in about 10 months, it'd be kind of pointless to start a relationship just for me to pcs to another base, and her leave to a different one as well

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    • Air Force lol, and I wish it was that easy

    • Haha yeah Ik it's not at all , but be proud 😎

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  • A picnic on the beach. Accompanied with a walk and some hand holding😊

    • Definitely doable!

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    • Very fair points, I guess I could still try for it, I've never been a fan of ldr, but perhaps.

    • It could if you are both willing to make it work

  • My ideal date is snugging on the couch watching Netflix and eating pizza (even skinny girls like to do this.)

    • This legit sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!! I need to find a girl that enjoys just doing that lol. I decided I'm not gunna start dating again quite yet though, I'm supposed to be getting my orders to leave again here in about 10 months, I'm not about to start dating someone and then have to leave

  • If you are in Japan, ideal date would be visiting the festivals, street markets or temples. Activities like cycling or museums are good too. Dislike sitting at one spot or having dinner with awkward conversations. No movies either.

  • Play video games, watch horror movies... OR watch you tubers do a gameplay! Hope this helps!😊


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