Went out with a girl twice, had great time, ignores me suddenly?

I dated this girl i met 10 days ago, twice so far, we had a great time, she used to always smile and laugh whenever we talked and even said she was feeling awesome with me. On the second date we even kissed and i could feel she was into it, i could feel her passion, but yesterday she completely stopped responding to my texts and calls. ( texted her once and one time messaged her on facebook asking if everything is ok ) . Called her twice but no response. She said she doesn't like confrontations if she doesn't like a guy she just ignores him, but if she also likes a guy she runs away. So i'm not sure what to do... We used to text and facebook all the time after when we were both at work, but now i'm just feeling a little hurt because we were both really similar and had the same ideas etc. Her last text i got was that she just got back to her parents place and will be back in town tomorrow and that she was going to bed cause she was tired, ending with "talk to you tomorrow , kisses" . Is this really over? Should i move on? It's only been a day since but i don't really know what to do... why would she fake liking me all those days and in person... it doesn't make sense.


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  • Give it time


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