We are done hooking up, he lost interest and we dont talk too. So is it okay to add him on facebook?

I found his facebook through his mobile number.

Would i seem desperate if i suddenly send him a friend request?


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  • Very desperate.
    You already said he lost interest, what do you hope to achieve by adding him?

    • Nothing really. Im just curious what he's doing nowadays. But yeah, guess it would seem desperate.

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    • You're right. I've deleted his number already. We really had a great time. We've been on 5 dates and i can say there was chemistry. Im thinking he lost interest bec of two things 1) I asked him if he is dating other girls. He might have thought i want a relationship/im clingy and 2) He wasn't satisfied with our sex. He wanted oral and i didn't provide him that

    • Well to be honest, if he lost interest because of those 2 reasons, then you aren't missing out on anything are you?

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  • Yes it would seem desperate. If he's through with u, you need to move on.

    • I had a relapse. I suddenly missed him the other day 😔

    • So what, u missed him. I enjoyed the mozzarella cheese stix i had months ago, but hey it's gone now and so is your relationship with that dude. MOVE ON! He isn't the only guy alive. There are plenty of available dudes to date. You know how many idiots i had to go through just to FINALLY meet my boo? 12 guys...12 jerky idiots. I was even engaged to two of them, but i dumped them cuz they were cheating jerks, even though i really cared for them. Heck one was my idol. But obviously i moved on and cut off all connections to them all and I'm glad i did, because i would have never met my husband knight <3

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