To shave or not to shave for a first date?

I have a first date coming up and Im debating on whether to be clean-shaven or keep my scruff. My girls that are friends told me I look really good in scruff but theyre basing that off of a more casual look Im assuming. My face obviously feels amazingly soft when its clean shaven. So what do you think!
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  • Scruff. I don't like soft skin on men. I have enough soft skin.


Most Helpful Guy

  • gosh i'm surprised by poll's results!!!

    clean-shaven bro... unless u wanna appear older than yer age LOL although i don't have yer pics so i could tell but my personal opinion's clean shaven's always better and makes u look a few years younger as well


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  • I just look more manly with a scruff. It has to look clean though.

  • Chose scruff, I look 16-18 without a beard.


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