Just from these examples, would you say I'm entering an abusive relationship?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now. Whenever he picks me up, he makes sure he picks me up and drops me home. And whenever we go out, we always have to go to quite far away (maybe half an hour drive) to one of his favourite places which is quiet (a bar). And he always talks about going to places, that are 'far away' for example going to the country next to us that is about an hour drive for a look around. Last night he actually mentioned that we should've gone over there for a look, at night? He always talks about visiting me at work, and the other night before he picked me up from my apartment, instead of driving into the lobby, he parked a little further and I caught him trying to look inside, not nessicarily into my apartment, but them all. He often orders for me, not always though. I'm a confident person so I am surprised by this. Whenever I look around the room, he will see what I'm looking at and seem annoyed and especially if I happen to look at another man, he will widen his shoulders.


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  • Maybe not abusive, but certainly controlling. Proceed with caution.


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  • He seems to be... bossy and too attached...

    I guess you should test the waters and change things up. Order yourself, always, like those little things.
    And you look at something and he looks pissed... ask him what's up?


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