Should an 18 year old girl date a 26 year old guy?

A friend is hooking me up with a friend of theirs. She says we have a lot in common and have practically identical personalities and would get along great. He seems like a fantastic guy, the only major problem seems to be that he's 8 years my senior. If he wasn't I wouldn't hesitate at all, but I feel like dating anyone that much older when I'm 18 would look bad, for him especially. Not to mention summer is ending, and I'm moving 2 hours away for college. He told her that wouldn't be a problem if things actually worked out, at this point he and I are just anxious to actually meet each other because of how much the other has been talked up and brought up by mutual friends. I feel like if things don't work out, we'd be great friends, but I don't know if he will be wanting different things than I do. I'm very new to dating and relationships, and I've never gone very far physically with a guy. I feel like he won't pressure me from how he was made out to be by our friends, I'm just wondering if this is something worth trying out or if it would be best to use the "lets just be friends" card. I don't want to pass up a great guy because of social norms, but social norms are norms for a reason... Opinions?


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  • I don't see a problem with it. I've dated 20 years both ways of my age and it's always been fun. We actually end up having a lot more to talk about. But everyone's different, and I'm self admittedly unusual. But it's probably worth a shot if you like him.


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