She's backing away, what to do?

-She has a crush on me since she was 12 (she’s 20 now), but i wasn’t that into her so we just stayed friends.
-We used to talk and text a lot but then I got into a relationship and a few months later she did too and we stopped talking.
-Both of our relationships lasted for 4 years and ended a few months ago.
-1 month after her breakup I started to initiate contact with her again.
-We started to call and text a lot and my interest for her grew and I started to get feelings for her and so did she.
-We had a few dates, we held hands when we were together and kissed a lot.
-Even though everything went well she did have a few hesitations which she told me about:
*we both just got out of a long term relationship and she thought we were moving too fast
*she’s afraid that I use her as a rebound to get over my ex (because I never showed any interest in her before and now I suddenly do),
*she’s afraid that when I get to know her better that I won’t like her anymore.
-Even though she had all these hesitations and insecurities we kept on dating.
-After our last date, which went really well, she suddenly starts to back away: she stopped calling me, her texts became signifcantly shorter and she started to take a lot of time to respond back to my text messages.
-I wanted to know why she acted that way and she said she backed away because she needed time and space for herself.
-I told her told her to take as much space and time as she needed and I didn’t contact her anymore.
-We didn’t have contact for a week and then she started to text me again, but her texts are still very short and she still takes a lot of time te respond back.
-I don’t want to come over as needy and pushy, so I also take a long time to respond and keep my messages short. I know she’s not ready to hang out again so I dont’ have any intention to ask her out any time soon. But what should I do now? Keep this low contact or should i go no contact? Should I wait for her until she’s ready, because if I act like i don’t care and move on she will definitely think that I used her as a rebound right? Or did she just lose interest?


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  • Let her go. Don't hold her tighter

  • give her some time.


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