How often would you like a girl to pay for a date?

guys how often would you like a girl to pay for a date or do you prefer to be 100% chivalrous and pay all the time.

would if depend on the relationship

-just dating

-in a relationship

-in a very serious relationship, she's your fiance

GIRLS what would impress you/ would you mind paying sometimes?


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  • i don't mind paying, but I'd rather it be me than her. if she insists then we could split the bill :)


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  • Just dating:

    - We both pay our own ways with the exception of a few special moments (holidays etc), where I would pay for both of us.

    In a relationship:

    - See above: "Just dating"

    In a very serious relationship / fiance / wife:

    - I pay her way with her offering to pay mine some of the time, where I decline and she respects that. I like to provide for my family.

    I enjoy being a stereotypical male / cowboy, offer the chivalry so long as they deserve it. This means that we always try to take the bill and perform other kind things out of our own willingness.

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    • Hmm so other than holidays and occasional paying for you serious relationship you wouldn't pay for lets say...a girl that you already know you like a lot and its your first date. wouldn't you want to impress her

    • I'll impress her with my personality - paying for the first date and stuff like that, is considered complimentary for those "over-the-top" awesome women that I meet. Doing it to "every first date" seems repetitive, boring, and insincere. ;-)

  • I don't really have a problem with money so I'd rather spend the extra dollars on the first few dates than risk looking like a cheapskate. The guy should definitely at least attempt to pay for the first date. Second and third, maybe. After that, once you're in a relationship though, I don't think the guy should always pay 100%.


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  • It would impress me if a guy always paid. That shows he has money, and he is willing to spend it on me. But I also think he should be cool about money... like if we're engaged, we should be able to talk about money and finances and things.

    • Why the down arrow? :(

    • I don't get why-for the down arrow. but I agree with what you said. it would prove that there is a sense of security with a guy like that