Guys, We met a little over two weeks ago, and things have slowed to a halt?

We spent the first two weeks together a LOT. The first night, he asked if we could be exclusive so we could focus on each other and seeing where this went. The second night, he took me home to meet his roommates. A couple days later, he brought me to a work thing so he could introduce me to all the people he had been telling about me. He invited me to do a lot of things, sometimes I went, sometimes I didn't. When I said I might not make it, he would say he wished I could, or that he was crossing his fingers I would be able to. We had a few sleepovers (probably every other night on average). He's expected me to be angry about a few things ( I guess leftover automatic reactions from a previous relationship) and I keep telling him that those things aren't worth getting angry over.

A few days ago, he said we had moved too fast and that he enjoyed my company, we didn't need to see each other every day, that we were getting to that point. I told him I would let him lead. He knows I'm upset about it, but I was very level headed when we talked about how we both feel, and I acknowledged that he has a valid point, which is how I honestly feel. He's been initiating contact and I've been keeping busy with my own life. He made a comment about us interacting in the future (several weeks from now) so I don't think he's not interested. But he hasn't asked to see me in several days. It's driving me crazy. I don't understand what happened. I get that he needs space (not that he used those specific words) and I know I should keep doing what I'm doing (I think?), but I want the man to ask to see me!!!

I have a girlfriend telling me to completely STOP responding to his texts unless he's asking me out, but that's not how I've been acting and it's manipulative, so I respond. I just try to not initiate. Is it possible that he thinks *I* am being distant since he knows it upset me? I don't want to push him away by either engaging too much or being too distant. How am I supposed to proceed without losing him?
I have initiated a couple times, including date#1. I've invited him to come do things, and he has. Another time, he called to say he was going to do something we had talked about earlier and I said he should come get me and he did. I felt completely comfortable and open and like I could be myself. He wanted to slow down and agreed when I mentioned following him. How can I gauge his interest if I ask to see him? I also don't understand why he wants to slow down when he was the one escalating?


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  • Sounds like the guy has initiated... pretty much everything y'all have done and you've done nothing but agree to grace him, with your presence. I know this might sound crazy, but how about you initiate a date?

    • I responded in the update. I didn't know this box was here.

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    • I texted this morning. He's at work and will touch base when he gets off. Things feel normal again. I wouldn't have texted without your response though. Thank you:)

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