Was all ready to pick up this girl at concert than her parents showed up ?

i meet this girl who is younger than me in her early 20's at the bar , she seemed really interested and i'm really attracted to her. we talked a week ago and she suggested i go to this country music concert on Saturday in same town she lives in , i had allready been thinking about maybe going but then decided for sure to go and went. it was crazy busy and i didn't see much of her till later on , it was really late. i guess her parents at least i'm assuming thats who they were , were also there and really drunk too. we sort of all ran into each other at end of night just when i wanted to make more of a move on her , the concert was over but people were still dancing at bar and she looked available. it was really awkward cause they don't know who i i'm and i don't even know her that well just from bar. i talked to her for a bit and mentioned i had a really good night but didn't try and pick her up but she sort of acted weird and hard to talk to. i think they sort of wondered who i was and how i knew her as i'm a bit older than her.

anyways thoughs on what to say next to her? likely see her at bar again? do you think parents assumed i just wanted to have sex with her as she's pretty hot girl for her age?


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  • You moved to slow guy.


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  • so u cannot tell if they were her parents or not... but if they were drunk as u say, then i doubt they'd think wether u'll have sex wid her or not... and if they didn't then they'd not take it so seriously since they were drunk... ;)

    also she was woried coz these guys were her parents i believe, yet she didn't realise they were drunk. anyway if u stay in contact wid this gal i believe there's a god chance to suggest her comin at da bar again.

    • she definity knew them whoever they were and they were older than her so have to be some relatives for sure , she does go to that bar a lot so is a good chance we still stay in contact. I think she knew they were drunk cause the one was ready to leave and sitting at chair near door. my guess also is parents knew she is a bit of a wild child anyways so accept a certain amount of bad behaviour at this age

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    • I think they were only there for country concert , I hadn't ever seen them before at bar , she normally goes with friends , still the age diff they might not be totally cool with idea of me dating daughter or her hooking up with guys she meet at bars

    • so ask her maybe wot her parents think bout u, after gettin to know her for some time?

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