Girlfriend hurt for me following Pornstar/Playmate on IG. Compares me to ex who treated her like shit.. I feel like a dick, but hurt as well?


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  • Well, that’s tricky! :/ Having an insecure significant other can be troubling because you don’t want to do something that doesn’t help their low self-esteem but at the same time, you don’t want to eliminate things you enjoy just because of a relationship. This is where open, honest communication and compromise come in handy! Just try to use this as an opportunity to BUILD TRUST, NOT BREAK IT. Seeing as you don’t actually know Pornstar/Playmate, it won’t kill you to unfollow her on IG, right? I mean... I don’t know who the heck she is but I’m guessing she’s a porn star who’s probably been exposed to some creepy crawly STD’s and may have even bought half of the shit on her body that you find so attractive lol It’s not really some major loss to unfollow her and it will make your girlfriend feel comfortable. However, you also really need to address the fact that she compares you to her shitty ex. That’s not cool. That’s very effed up and she doesn’t really have a place to talk about you adding some stranger who you’ve never even touched when she’s sitting up here comparing you to an ex-boyfriend whom she used to screw.

    You guys need to just sit down and have an honest talk then make decisions that create a healthy, positive future relationship.

    • I unfollowed her and everything, hell I dont even care about her. I just saw she had an instagram, in no way did I care about her social status, I was just like oh cool I'll follow her... with no rude intentions. and her comparing me sucked aha.. I didn't see that coming. Her being insecure is fine, but I'm doing my best to change this little incident, no matter how small it was..

    • Good move! Seriously though, she needs to stop comparing you to her ex. That’s not right!

  • She's upset cause u followed a pornstar on IG? How old is she, 2?

    • She's insecure, I know she's taking it too far, but I just want to make it better, just not sure what to say.

    • Insecure people can never truly be satisfied or feel self-assured until they work on their inner self. They get happy until it's time for another argument or dispute triggered by their own insecurity. Just don't feel bad about it, you only followed a pornstar on IG. As for your girlfriend, maybe you should talk to her about her insecurities? So she can start to work on herself and you can help her do that as well. You know her best so only you would really know what to say to her. I hope it works out.

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