Could I still have a chance with this guy?

Met a guy on a trip and we got on so well instantly, I felt like we both liked each other whilst we were away and other people thought the same thing. As we were leaving, he said we should meet up again sometime (we're from different towns but not too far away) and we were texting loads when we got home and again brought up the idea of meeting up.

However, after about a week, he stopped initiating the texts. He would still reply to my texts and we will flirt but he never mentioned meeting up again or organised it. Hasn't sent a text for 3 days.

Are these signs that he is uninterested?


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  • It's not always the guys role to initiate texts, it's okay if you do too! However, perhaps bring it up one more time, and he doesn't it unfortunately may mean he's not interested. All though don't jump to conclusions he very well may be busy x

  • yes those are signs.


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