Ran into an ex girlfriend who broke my heart that I hadn't seen in like 5 years?

we meet in 2008 and sort of dated that summer but it didn't really work out , i had wanted to get a lot more serious with her but i think i freaked her out back then and so she like dropped me and it broke my heart. but she was also like on rebound i found out after and though i had come on too strong. i had seen her a couple times since at a bar i think but hadn't seen her in at least 5 years until last night at a country concert i saw a blonde girl walk by me and i knew rate away it was her. it sort of surprised me but bar is near her summer cottage and she used to go there years ago so it made sense to see her there. i sort of didn't know if i should say hi to her or what , i saw her again and she said something to one of her friends indicating that she knew who i was. then i sort of went back to concert and was in front of where she was , at some point she came down to where i was and so i talked to her and said hi. i was like i think we meet before , it was her , we talked a bit , she said it was good to see me again and i felt things went well considering the circumstances , a couple guys were with her but not sure if one was her boyfriend or not. she sort of left after that.
she also still looked really good for her age , when we first meet she was 19 and now be like 25 and she looked just as beautiful as ever.
it was just really weird to talk to her after soo long and i was so in love with her back then , guess i had mostly forgot about her cause she hurt me really bad and i had really wanted to be with her. i don't know if i'll see her again or not , i'm so torn to know she is out there , if she hd been interested i would of had sex with her and just loved ever second of it , i think i did miss her a lot and to have been with her again would of been very amazing


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  • cute but not sure what your asking?

    is she the one that got away?

    • got away more like she rejected me back then and did so in a way that hurt me , I guess there is still a lot of feelings for her , I had sort of accepted fact she was gone but maybe she isn't really gone , after talking to her I don't know if I should give up or try harder to reconnect with her

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