Is it bad that he didn't kiss me on the first date?

We met on tinder. We had an excellent evening. We ended up stopping our drinking around midnight because we just wanted to talk and not be drunk/tipsy. We ended up going to another bar and just sitting and drinking water until it closed. After that we went to a city park and sat on some chairs talking until almost 4 am!!

We learned a ton about each other. We have a lot in common! It was finally time to go. He called an uber and he had it drop me off at my place first. I thought it was nice that he didn't just assume he could go in my apartment. It was a tad awkward being dropped off though. I got out of the car and he was like "well it was really nice hanging out with you." Then he kind of opened his arms for a hug? So I hugged him and left? Maybe he felt awkward in front of the uber driver?

I don't think he's just interested in friends? He gave me his business card... somewhat jokingly, but he said I could call him any time on his work phone and that it went to his cell phone. He gave me his last name. He talked about other fun activities to do together. He talked about specific restaurants he wants to go to with me.

It all sounded really good! Then he didn't kiss me though. Maybe the first tinder date doesn't count. We spent over 6 hours talking on the first date though! Neither of us wanted to go, but 4 am was getting pretty late!


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  • its normal.

    • yeah, he did say he wants to see me again. he hasn't texted me much, but I guess we all have lives haha