My boyfriend makes me nervous and uncomfortable. Please help?

He's a great guy, I have known him for seven years and then he asked me out a year after high school. We just started dating, I know he's not a virgin and he knows I am, we have talked about that a lot. He says he will never push me into anything I do not want to do. We have made out a lot, and he really likes touching me... Which I mean I like but it makes me nervous, he's knows I like it.

What makes me not want to be with him is that he makes fun a bigger woman, it makes me mad because woman are self conscious. It makes me even more mad because I am a little on the bigger side, but more curvy then big. I want to talk to him about the touching and the bigger woman?


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  • if he makes fun of bigger gals sorry but he's a jerk here... he shouldn't judge.
    as for da part about havin sex ok here he's ok... he shouldn't force u do things u don't want... and as for da touchin, didn't u tell him it makes u nervous (even if u like it), so he would stop better?


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