How do I tell my boyfriend that?

I hate how he makes fun of bigger woman, it makes me mad that he could say that about them. He say as he's nervous, and sometimes doesn't know what he's saying. How do I talk to him about it? I'm not going to break up with him that's the only thing that bothers me.
  • Break up with him you don't need him.
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  • Talk to him about it he probably doesn't know that it bothers you.
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  • Date him a little bit longer and see how it goes.
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  • I think he doesn't know that it bothers you, talk to him about it, explain your point of view and I hope this will work.


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  • Tell him that you think he's being rude and unnecessary. Speak your mind


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  • aren't you 19? u should know this... ugh ugh


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