What is her problem? Why is she trying so hard to p*ss me off?

i used to like this guy, and we had a fling but then it ended. I still liked him after we were done and I told this girl, who told me who she liked so it was only fair.

A couple weeks later, I was totally over the guy. The girl, Louisa, still thought I liked the guy but for some reason, and flirted with him right in front of me.

Then this one day she told me that he asked her to go to the dance with him. I told her I didn't care and there was no need to tell me something like that. but she kept telling me over and over again.

Yesterday I was talking to my bff and he was sitting in front if me. she went up to him and told him that I liked him, and he said he didn't like me like that. It was so embarrassing because everyone was listening. Then making sure I was watching she started asking him if he liked her hair and her clothes and called him a sugar muffin.

I don't like him but when she flirts with him and he flits back it really annoys me. Why does she want to p*ss me off?HELP

She is kind of emo, you know black skirts, shoulder shirts...etc. I wear skinny jeans, uggs, sweaters, my hair down and curled (I have black hair) , necklaces, hoop earrings...etc. now she is starting to wear everything I wear, and she dyed her hair black


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  • She doesn't sound like a friend at all, more like an opportunist. I would be leery of her and saying anything personal in front of her. She might be jealous of you, and is making it into a competition so she "looks" better. I'd avoid her if you can and don't trust her, whatever you do.


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  • She's a f***ing biitch with no life. Don't tell her off; you would appear to be the loser. She is doing that to p*ss you off because she thinks that you still like him, and when you show her that you are p*ssed, she wins. That girl thinks she is more than you in every way.

    I understand how you feel. It happened to me before. I know you just wanna throw a pie unto their faces whenever they do a flirt show in front of you.

  • thats a f***ing motherfuker asshole bitch.

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