Which of the below indicates seriousness in dating?

Some say Friday and Saturday are reserved for more serious date. and some say it doesn't matter which day of the week you see each other.

Some say it depends on how often you see each other. Some say it depends on if the other person is willing to come to your "rescue" when you need them.

What is your opinoin?
  • See each other on Friday or Saturday, if they see you on other days it means you are side dude / chick
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  • See each other twice a week
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  • Go to their rescue when they need help
    Vote C
  • Lots of cuddling without sex to bond
    Vote D
  • Be comfortable around each other in track pants / PJ
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Guy

  • What about none of them or all of the above?

    • LOL which one you going for lol

    • I would say C because it's the closest one to romance ;)

    • Agree, it's easy to find someone to laugh with you during good time. but hard to find someone who take time to help you when you need it

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  • they all do.

    • What if someone see you twice a week like one day in between mon to thur and the other day on Sun?

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