How to get over this? Any people out there with depression?

I had depression a year ago and the guy I liked ended it with me because of it. I would have panic attacks and send him many messages. He then dated my friend and they told me that it didn't work out between us because of my depression. I now get to send text msgs apologizing and they ignore me. I run into them and feel bad. I just don't feel like I can recover fully with them ignoring me.


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  • You can. And I honestly think that's the key to ending depression.
    1. Acceptance and 2. Self esteem
    I think once you learn to accept that life is filled with crappy stuff and that it always will be an choose to try and appreciate as much as the good stuff as possible you can take your emotions back into your own hands. Second after learning to actively try and focus on the positives you have to cultivate a belief that failure no matter how big is not the end of the world and you can overcome anything and if you can't right now you'll eventually learn how.
    You have to do this as often as possible though to rewire your brain and your impulses. It's called nueroplatsticity. Therapist try to do this whenever you go to counseling but it never works until you make the decision to try and do it yourself outside of your sessions.

    Everything you need is inside of you. You're a lot stronger than you think. You're a survivor. I mean look at you living as long as you have with depression constantly weighing on you. Things won't be the same forever that's a fact.

    • Thanks! That was a beautiful response :)

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  • you need a counselor.


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  • I don't think they, as people, handled it very well so I'd be inclined to say fuck those inconsiderate bitches and move on guilt free.

    • Thanks :)

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    • They won't even accept my apology. I keep being called names like Jekyll and Hyde

    • Like I say, fuck 'em. lol

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