Should I let this one go or give her another shot?

So after we went on our 2nd date which was very smooth and funny, she had offered me a new one. I accepted it ofc. She had already said it would be for one of the following days or week. So the next we started talking via texts and i asked which day to go out but she never replied. I asked the same question a few days later but she replied a day later. The day of the date she cancelled due to believable circumstances but yet so lame. Like 30min-1hr prior she warned me, and this was the 2nd time she did it. And the first time i called her out for it;cause i think its lame and really not nice cancelling a date the same day...
So im obv mad, and i had promised to reschedule but i dont feel like giving her that 3rd chance.
But on the other side, we have such nice vibe and such good connecting and understanding of each other, i dont want to let her go. And thats what bothers me.
I mean you can't fake being so happy, like we were the last date. How come she changed so quickly?
The only feeling i get is that she is trying to cut me off, and im willing to help.
But why cause she came to me etc... She wanted to go on all these dates with me etc...
Should i give her another shot or not?
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ik, i really want to cut her off, but replaying our times together really makes me think. i opened her up, she made me believe. We had different lifes, but yet the story. we were like a mirror. she was the one that begged for a 2nd chance. she was smt special, and i hope could remain gud friends. even tho ill never ever see her again. she will always be the Mrs. Sandman to me :p


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  • I think you should cut her off.


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  • Cut her off, other wise u sound desperate. You should make a date though and dont cancel and dont show either

    • ikr, i dont want to be needy, but she is worth the fight you know... Well thats hard :p and a bit childish aswel...

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    • Dude dont wind up being 40 and a door mat. You will be very unhappy

    • lol i am far from a doormat, thats the 1st thing she liked me for:my dominance. She told me she was afraid of me a long time

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  • What will one more chan

    • I fucking hate this site on my phone lol.
      What will one more chance cost you. It's clear you're into her or else you wouldn't have doubt about ending it.
      Take the chance, worst case scenario you have dinner with a pretty girl and find out you're not compatible.
      Just take the chance, because it's a whole lot better then asking what would it be like if you had.
      She might have honestly been busy, you seem to believe her. So if she was, why hold that against her. I mean there's a chance she wasn't but by how she expressed interest in guessing she was honest.
      Don't let pride get in the way of something potentially good.
      If she stays flaky it's a different story... But for now, I don't see the harm in one last chance.
      I wish you the best :)

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    • yeah i will thanks... cause its a quite frustrating situation due to her own inner problems (broken girls :/)

    • We're all broken... Men and women...
      If we couldn't be cracked, maybe that would be scarier...
      Lol good luck

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