My girlfriend is grounded for sneeking out of the house. Any ideas? Parents cut out communication with me? I need to see her?

She's already 19 and they grounded her for being out with me so late. She got caught sneeking inside her window.

Now they are saying she can't see me anymore.

I I can't deal with that.

I I talked to her parents already and asked if I could see her because I missed her so much.

Thy let us see each other for 1 minute. No more.

And they took away her iPhone, galaxy tablet, ps4 and her gifts that I bought her from the past few years. Her dad burned our pictures and my girlfriend started crying.

The only reason I know all of this is because I go at night to her window to see her. And that's the only time we have to talk. I can't stand looking at her all sad anymore. I want to do something now about it.

We we can't move out because we are still both in college. I should have a bachelors in mechanical engineering in two years but that's too long.


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  • Look, her parents are still mad about the incident. Give it some time. They will probably soften eventually. There is no other way to keep in contact with her?


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  • So, you'll graduate college with a degree in mechanical engineering, yet you can't figure a way too see your gf?

    • I see her at night through her window but that's not enough

    • There's more important things than seeing your girlfriend

  • Talk again to the parents show that you are mature and respectful and make them want you to see their daughter. That will help a lot both in getting her out of the house for an evening and for the long term of the next 2 years

  • Well it's their house and rules... not much you can do its best to respect the parents doing more would just damage your relationship with her parents


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