Is it normal to text and message each other all the time and then after meeting and having a great date, not message so much anymore?

We met online and talked for two weeks. We texted all day long everyday with minor breaks. We had a great first date, I kissed her, she said goodbye and she waved at me all cutesy. She immediately texted me like 20 minutes later thankingn me for the evening. We set up another date and now we barely text anymore and we don't have in depth conversations like we did before. Is this normal?


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  • Have you tried initiating any conversations?

    • Ya I've initiated a few and sometimes she just falls asleep and that's how he the next day's starts off by her replying. She says things like "but I'm going to sleep you have a goodnight" or I'm falling asleep I can't keep my eyes open goodnight. She hasn't replied to me today but I didn't reply to her goodnight text last night

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    • She could also just leave it open. I always do that with Facebook, though I'm not sure if it shows me as logged in or not to others.

      I don't believe in soulmates, but worrying about it won't solve anything. Just keep letting things go naturally and try not to have such high expectations. If SHE and YOU want her to be the girl for you, then she will be.

    • Your right!! I haut think that if I ignore her because I have before unintentionally then she gets worried or maybe she figures she will ignore me a bit as well. She's shy and very cautious about her emotions so I think I haut gotta play it safe but on the date she definitely showed me her emotions by looking at me when I hugged her and letting en kiss her and then the thank you text. Whenever I end the conversation or don't reply is when I don't get texts the next day

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  • it could be she lost some feelings


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