Why does he seem standoffish?

So he lives a town over. And we have been talking for about a month, he has been single for a year and for me it's been a few months. He is very playful and can be flirty but he always has a lot going on. He works full time and so do I and we work different hours. Any way we talk pretty much all day but I will send a text and he will reply 30-a hour later. And sometimes he will respond right away I think he is just busy a lot. We talk about future plans and he asks me questions like when I'd want to make us official but then saying things like today he said "if it happens it happens I'm not trying to set myself up for failure" when I asked if he was looking for something long term or short. when I asked him to explain he said It could be that if I asked you out we break up or it works out and its great but thinking to much about it only makes it worse. I'm not sure what to think of this.


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  • i think you're looking too much into things.


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