Girls, this girl I am trying to go out with needs some time cause of the relationship she got out of but she told me I'm the sweetest; it means?

Here's something she said to give you a better idea:
"He ended things and now I'm working on getting past it. So please dont take this personally because you are the sweetest!" then she talks about she needs time before she wants to talk/ go out with guys.
What should be my next move?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It means she's not over her ex yet. Don't go there. Be her friend if you feel you can, but don't hold any hopes that she will be ready to see you in a romantic light anytime soon.


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  • it means your the sweetest and you should wait for her to get out the funk of her ex so you COULD HAVE A CHANCE!

    • So she's basically giving me the hint to wait until she's ready for me?

    • yes but no, yes you should always wait but don't pressure her or assume she will be with you. just wait, she'll come to you.

  • she likes you.


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