Girls, I would appreciate some general advice to meeting/dating girls for the first time. Can someone please help?

So this is my situation, im heading off to college in a month and i would like to start dating/meeting girls. I'm currently 18 and extremly introverted (key word), I've gone through middle/high school mostly isolated with very few friends due to being socially anxious and introverted (i have overcome my anxiety near the end of high school), I've been hurt by the few social interactions i've had, and have been led on by someone for a month while fighting my depression.
Im not extremly awkward to be/talk with/to but because i'm not as socially experianced as everyone else I can't produce myself to ignite any social interaction on my own. I want to start dating but I'm just not entirely sure were to start due to the inexperiance. Im not a bad guy, i'm very polite, generous, considerate, honest and extremly loyal, i dont like being dependant on people and i am generally do things on my own. Since i am extremly prone to depression would my depression be unattractive? How would i let a girl know i like them without making a fool of myself and what are some general rules, tips to dating, and first contact.

I haven't been able to share this with the few friends i have, they're already helping me deal with my depression and it would just be too much to ask them to help me with this. ANY type of advice or tricks would be greatly appreciated, thanks,


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  • My advise. Join clubs and meet as many people as you can. But only do it for things you feel passionate about! If you are passionate and confident at something it shows through regardless of the activity. For example, I am interested in horses, and love the old fashion armour and swords from ancient Rome. When I went to uni someone mentioned a group of guys that made chain armour. So I went to check it out.

    I was shocked by the 6 blokes who looked like they had never seen a girl before. I Asked if they would know anybody who could make armour for a horse. They took it as a personal challenge! Once we were talking about something they loved and were passionate about, all of the nerves and weirdness about me being a girl disappeared.

    I dated one of them for a few months, he was a genetics phd student at the time. We also traveled through mexico later as friends, where I introduced him to a friend of mine. They are now engaged.

    So I guess another tip is, every chick has chick friends.


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  • Try volunteer work in puts you in touch with kind selfless people who are understanding and you in an environment where there is very little social pressure. Plus you are helping those in need as well so it's a win no matter how you look at it

  • always be a gentleman.


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