Does he not want to have sex with me?

We've been dating for about 5 weeks and official and exclusive for a little over a week now. A few days ago, I told him I thought I was ready and he acted surprised and said that he had been waiting for me to say so because he didn't want to pressure me (which is sweet) and that he'd get some condoms. well a few days later, he still hasn't gotten any. It's not that I couldn't get them, but he said its the guy's job and he hasn't. Does he not want to have sex with me? He gets turned on when we kiss and stuff so I'm not sure what's going on


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  • Kissing leads to excitement yes but that doesn't mean he is ready to have sex and 5 Weeks is too early to be having sex

  • don't you think 5 weeks is too soon? he probably isn't ready lmao don't pressure him either just because he's a guy


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