As a shy, nerdy guy, what's the best way to ask a girl out and how do I know if I even should ask any particular girl out?

I've been used, cheated on, and rejected so many times that it's really hard to come out of my comfort zone to really even ask girls out any more. I'm lonely and it's like my own personal hell. I can talk to girls just fine but the idea of asking them out and then getting rejected just scares the crap out of me. On top of that I feel like if I do finally go out with someone they'll just cheat on me and throw me away or use me to buy whatever they want. It's happened before and I feel like it'll happen again. I understand I need to break out of this lonely self fulfilling prophecy, I just can't think of a good way to find a good girl and actually ask her out. I need some help here.


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  • Finding a girl shouldn't be too difficult since you already have no problem talking to women. Simply start talking to and getting to know someone whom you are interested in. Asking them out will of course be nerve wracking, but unless you're inappropriate or impolite about it, the worst that could happen is that she will politely say "no." Having been hurt and rejected in the past can make it difficult, so if you need to, make your "move" slowly. Be friendly with a girl for a while and really gauge her interest before you take the leap. Getting to know her better before asking will also help you guess how she will react, and this may lessen the anxiety. If you mean "good" in the sense of her being someone that won't lie to you or cheat, there's no real way to know for sure if a girl is "good" or bad. One way to avoid someone prone to those behaviors is to make sure that she is showing you real genuine affection. Don't settle for a girl who is only settling for you. Best of luck!


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  • You're already halfway there, by talking to them just fine. Just try and ask them or you'll never know. If they say no, oh well. Move on to the next one.


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