How to make time for new boyfriend while in college/medical school?

This is so hard - I'm in medical school and it's important that I get through this. However, I'm dating someone now and I feel like it's going to be too hard to make time for him. How do you balance love life and college? I'm a major procrastinator and at times find myself feeling hopeless in my abilities, so I really can't get distracted. Thanks in advance.


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  • Just maintain communication for starters and just let him know he's a priority but you are busy and in a very important part of life. It might be frustrating for him but I'm sure he'll understand since medical school is very rigorous.

    • Yes, you're right. It's hard to predict when I'll be free because the new quarter just started and I'm taking 3 courses at the moment -_-

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  • Let him know your time is short but you really do want to be with him and then when you do have time with him make the most of it.


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  • Is he in College as well? Does he live far from you? Is there an easy way to maintain constant communication with him?

    • No, he works and he's in the process of finding a new place but I doubt it will be far. We text and talk on the phone but it's not constant because we run out of things to say and sometimes we have miscommunications. We communicate much better in person. I just can't hang out all the time like we were before I started the new quarter :\

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