She reject me 15 days ago now she give me a nickname and try to laugh me and stares me... what it is mean? and what I do?

she reject me 15 days ago then i started ignore her.. now she stare me and try to laugh me and she just give me a funny nickname and even when i chat with my friends on whatsapp then she come online in every minute to check to whom i am chating... she daily check my status and profile picture and daily giggle on them... i am totally confused what she want please help..


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  • How do you know she's checking up on you? I'm on whatsapp and there's absolutely no idea you can see who checks your things daily...

    • I know dat

    • @Asker

      It's impossible.

    • Cuz when i chat with someone... she sit in front of me... she come online for 10 second and then goes offline... she chat on whatsapp only with me... i know that

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