Girl said "yes" to hanging out with me but I still live at home with the parents?

Ok I recenly became friends with a girl over Facebook. The conversation we were having somehow got onto the topic of food more specificaly pancakes (I am a chef just so you all know). I told her that I have an exelent recipe for them and so I sent her my recipe, she seemed to genuinly apreciate the recipe I gave her. I said to her that I would much rather demonstrate it to her in person as there are a few things that I do diffrently than most other recipes I have found.

She said to my surprise "Yeah I could use a new friend, tell me when and I'll come and hang out and try this amazing recipe of yours"(her exact words). Now to be clear my attraction to this girl is limited to just us being friends however I still live at my parents house (i'm 23 btw), So i'm freaking out a little because I would be meeting the girl for the first time and also potentially intoducing her to my parents as well. I do want to do this with her as meeting somone over a fun activity is always better and makes it much less awkward then meeting up at a cafe and playing 20 questions with each other



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  • A guy living with his parents isn't a big deal to me whether romantically or just for a friendship. It's no biggie at all. It sounds like you two are on the same page and I'm sure you'll have fun.


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  • just tell her frankly that you still live with your parents


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  • its called the 't bone' or something

    • wrong question soz

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