Girls, do good looking guys have more success in getting short term/long term girlfriends compare to not good looking guys?

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  • Most girls I know (including myself) appreciate personality more that looks. Looks are important too, of course, but you can make up for some physical flaws with great personality, and not vice versa. I'd say an average guy with good personality have more chances than a shallow good-looking guy, but if both guys have the same personality, then the good-looking one may have more luck with girls.


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  • Yes I'm sure they do but what is attractive for 1 person is not always attractive for another.

    • Girls are insatiable. they want strong personality, confident guys and good looking guys at the same time. why should i be confident and have social skills to get the same level attractive as i am or below level than me?

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    • @Asker

      There is no one factor that will make all women happy. Everyone have different things they look for in a partner and preferences vary. Just being hot can be enough for some but won't be enough for others.

    • how about you? what makes you 100% satisfied?

  • Yes, in general they do. Looks are equally important to girls and guys.


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