I sent him "I did horrible things these days. I miss you, can I come and visit you again?" Without a reply?

we live far away, I met him when I visited his city. At that night he kissed me a lot after I were a bit drunk, but then I said unconciously like"please come back, I will always wait for you." (me and my ex just broke up, i missed him so i said it sunconciously, and i recognise him as my ex) He were turned off and turned his head away, but that night he still kissed me hugged me made out with me a lot of times. I know he should like me.

so what should I do now?


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  • Give him some time with all of this. He likes you but is unsure if you like him or are just using him as a replacement for the ex.

    GIve him some time with teh message. Then say you are sorry and would like to talk about it.

    • How much time should I give him? If he won't reply me, should I give up or should I text him again?

      At that time when I stayed with him, I didn't love him. So when we made out, always he kiss me and I push him away.. now I miss him..

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    • :)

      should I say I'm sorry? :p because when I met him, I was visiting the city, and he hosted me for 2 days. I thought he was trying to get me drunk on purpose, and kissed me and made out with me, so I thought that was kinda rude so I pushed him away a lot of times. But when he made out with me, I said i miss my ex boyfriend, then he suddenly turned away from me.. He didn't have sex with me finally maybe he's afraid I will accuse him for rape, I don't know.. but he tried to made out with me a lot of times at that night. Yet anyway he has been very good to me, cooked for me, treated me well, he even gave me his only key when I was home he was out for work. I think he must like me, but do you think he only liked me as a potential sex partner or something more serious?

    • There is too many unknowns that you the only way to know is to ask him. Or to call it a day :-)

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  • If the interest is not being reciprocated, then simply leave it alone.


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