Should I text him again?

So I met this guy online, first time we met he was really nice but nothing happened 'cause I was too shy. After week or even 2 we met again and hooked up. I mean no sex but it was pretty close to it, but again I didn't want and he knew it before we met 'cause i told him that I can't just hook up a couple of times and I explained to him that I am only interested in a relationship. He also said that he is looking for a girlfriend, and that he is not that kind of a guy who is interested only in sex. Ofc he said he likes me and everything. But after 2nd time we met he didn't text back so I texted him but never got an answer. I would say, ok he is a jerk he lied to get what he wants ok, but we didn't have sex so he didn't actually got what he wanted. What does it mean? Should I text him again to see what's going on?
PS: Sorry for my English


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  • It's quite crystal clear, @dreameractually, with you setting him straight about locking lips and More in Store, he decided with a change of heart from the start, Not to get anything going, you were looking for 'More' with a Real Relationship and he Did... Lie about looking for a girlfriend.
    He never got All 'What he wanted' and probably figured it might be a challenge that he was not into so he put you now on his pay no mind list.
    This is not the kind of guy, Online nor Off, that you want to take home to mom. Forget him and move on to some other good catch of the day because there is surely plenty of fish in the sea Than... Thee.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Don't waste your time
    He wants something far different from what you are seeking. The only end to this would be disaster. Because you are both clear on what the other one wants and it's not cohesive

  • Do not text him back. Girl, you deserve better. It's obvious isn't it? all he wants is sex.


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