Dumb Social Media BS?

what does it mean if my boyfriend doesn't comment on any of my pictures but comments 👌🏼 on other girls photos. he used to post pics of his old girlfriend. but now says he likes to be private and doesn't post about me or even change his status to a relationship... but posts on social media all the time... there is basically no way anyone of his friends knows we're dating. he tells me I'm beautiful and only has eyes for me. I believe him but he is on his phone so much of the time. i dont think he will cheat on me I just find is hard to believe everything he says is true. if you were proud of your girlfriend wouldn't you want to post about it? shouldn't he have at least something of me on one of his pages? I find it disrespectful that he compliments them in public but not me. just looking for insight
and of course when I try to let him k ow it bugs me he gets upset. when all I'm doing is trying to get peace of mind.
I'm not asking for gushy posts I'm asking for some recognition just so others girls know he isn't single anymore and to be appropriate 😑


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  • it doesn't mean anything really, I wouldn't post on my girlfriend's things either. I rather just be real with her and do it all in person. to me it feels awkward if we make a habit out of being involved with each other's social media a little too much.

    • we're not friends on anything... like I said I don't need gushy posts I just want other girls to know.. is that a crazy request? How can I convey that without sounding nuts

    • I suppose he can just post that he has a girlfriend on his own profile

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  • If a guy doesn't want to say he's in a relationship with me on FB then it's red flags all over. If someone is so private that they don't want people to know who they date then they shouldn't have FB in the first place. I'd find it disrespectful too.

    • He is always checking in and posting about his job. I mean I don't even post as much as he does. and I don't care for privacy because it's my FRIENDS. not random people lol

    • @Asker

      Exactly!! If you can hold hands with your girlfriend in public and in front of your friends then you can show it on your damn FB. That's how I feel :)

    • he doesn't like pda either 😒 but he is the sweetest when we're alone in his room... if he isn't on his phone!

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  • So here's a guy who disrespects you, doesn't pay attention to you, who flirts with other girls, who refuses to make his relationship public, and who doesn't want to listen to or deal with your problems. I'm certain you know this isn't right or even slightly ok. Don't let him make a fool out of you. Break up.

  • You should leave him. He is inconsiderate and immature.

  • What if posting about his ex got him i trouble before? Hemay have learned from his mistakes...

    • But does that mean he can't at least change his status? He knows I changed mine... is that the norm now?

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    • I honestly don't think any of his friends know only family... and I understand if you're not on fb but he is allll the time! lol

    • To be honest, I have a hard time defending him here. It doesn't mean he has ill intentions, but it is a bit strange... @Asker

  • Amazing how girls are entranced by sweet words.


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  • Some people do tend to be more private when it comes to things such as relationships but seeing as you said that he is always on social media and has posted pics of his ex girlfriend it seems very strange how he is acting with you. Maybe see if there is a reason why? Maybe a bad experience and people got involved could help you understand why. As for liking girls photos and not yours, it seems a bit disrespectful.

    • Maybe there is a reason I can't see... thanks for the help!

  • wait why does he still have pics of his ex gf?

    • He doesn't have them anymore I meant when they were dating he had pics of them together and nothing of me or us. like I said no one can tell he is taken by any of his posts or anything

    • sounds like a red flag

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