Boyfriend seems distant or am I overthinking?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for 2 months only now and the first month was obviously crazy, we took turns to arrange dates or just lazed around in his apartment we are both in our early 20s and i am studying full time and his working full time so we either meet after he finishes work if i dont have assignments or we meet during the weekend if he doesn't have to drive home to newcastle. He has recently moved to sydney. Past 2 weeks we have been arguing about the dumbest things in the world mostly because i have been acting like a stuborn B! tch too. we argued unneccessarily and it upset him a lot and after that i was being dumb and went on tinder the same night , one of his friends saw me on it and told him but i was only there because i was feeling insecure and was looking for him as we met there. He understood that but was still feeling very bummed out which is understandable too. This happened on Friday and i went and saw him Friday night and we got a little sexual and i went home, Saturday we spoke about the problem and he said he wants to continue the relationship but isn't too happy at this point and feels a bit distant from me. It is Monday night now and from Saturday to now we have had couple of fb convos, we skyped on Sunday night and he seemed fairly bored/tired at the time he had wrok the next day. Today i waited till he messaged me first and he messaged me at night just saying "Hello, Goodnight ! and sweetdreams xo" and sent a funny picture with it. He was still online for about 20 mins after it but didn't bother talking to me.

Have i lost the guy already? Should i give him space? Or could he be completely normal and i am just over analyzing the situation because i am paranoid? Or should i confront his behaviour? i have exams in 2 days and i cannot concentrate at all as its all i can think about atm.


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  • I believe the right thing to do is give him some space. While giving him space, try to concentrate on your studies.

    • Thanks !!! That's exactly what i did and we are back to being normal

    • That's good : )

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  • Yeah things are definitely done already, but you already could feel it couldn't you?

    Too much drama in 2 months.

    • I gave him some space and his back to being very normal i was very suprised

    • lol back to normal huh, glad everything was resolved in one day

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