Is it already too late?

So, I've known this one girl for about two years now, and want to know if it's too late. I mean, the first year and a half I wasn't attracted to her, and, while I kinda knew her a bit, I didn't really bother trying to get to know her until recently (by recently I mean within the last month or so did I start making any effort). Basically, is it too late, is it time to cut off my weak, human emotions?


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  • There must be some piece of information missing here.
    Are you really asking if you should quit before you actually tried?
    And why does the fact you weren't attracted to her before have any relevance?

    • Just to say it wasn't like, I liked her and was too afraid to say it, so, if I did take too long it wasn't a matter of fear or anything.

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    • Ya know, what if I told you we're all actually cows living on the moon?

    • Anything is possible...
      When you really like someone, just make sure you let them know.
      At least that way there would probably be more happy cows living in the moon.

  • No, it's not too late.
    What you're facing is totally normal.
    Feelings tend to grow over time for another.
    Your chances aren't cut.
    I think you should try with her and see where things go.


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