Guys, why he got nervous on me?

he broke his leg and , he can't walk good now. So usually when i come to him he makes me tea and somthing to eat.
This time he said "you have to cook for yourself, i always care about you, now you have to care about me)" (and laughed)
ok, i cooked for myself.
And i tried really hard to be good for him and supportive... But he kinda strated to get nervous on me. He told me in a very rough voice to go and clean dishes, his voice was like i annoy him or somth...
Then in the morning, he told me again to wash his dishes, after he ate in a very unpleasant voice and then only told me to make myself tea if i want.
He usually very worry if i am hungry in the mornings, but this morning, he offered me only tea...

what do u think guys? he dont like me, thats why he dont care about me and nervous on me?


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  • I think additional info would be supportive.
    1) Due to his leg injury he might want some time alone maybe so don't piss him with silly questions ,2) then surely you ought to be supportive from what I read maybe even before his injury try to cook for him as well :P , but he ought as well to be kind to you and respectful shit stuff happen all the time , the fact that he broke his leg doesn't mean he can get all over you.
    So try to support him as much as you can , if he still gets crampy explain to him that you do whatever you can and this is a bad attitude towards you what he does.

    • 1) he wanted me to come, and i didntt ask much questions, especially silly, he talked most of the time, not me. i tried to be supportive by asking how he feels, does he feel any pain so on. and also tried to do what he wanted me to do, but as i said he ended up getting nervous on me

    • Surely for posting this here means that you care about him. There should be a reason that he is nervous it might be that he won't play his favorite sport or maybe is about you. By this I mean that, it might that you are quite demanding from him and now having a broken leg he might be nervous towards you that he will not keep you satisfied or you will start nagging. Human nature is an abyss there can be various reasons, you can always talk to him if his nerves are calmed down :P.

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  • Well he can't do this for you because he broke his leg. Being essentially crippled even for a little time is incredibly frustrating! He is annoyed not at you but at his situation. Show him plenty of love, support, and help. Maybe you could offer to cook for him as well until he gets back on his feet?

  • Guys just don't like being laid up and not being able to change it. If he has to work he's also probably loosing money - do you share the bills?

  • Maybe he feels like he's not good enough for you now that he's hurts. Especially if he use to always do things for you.

    • but its temporarly and his voice was like a brother getting nervous on sister... i think he dont like me anymore?

    • Did you somehow cause his injury and a mans pride is a very delicate thing anything can break it.

  • If you with me and you did a same thing,, I'm gonna broke up with you in 5 seconds

    • What DID she do?

    • If you don't care about me,,, and waiting me to care about you,,, my ex was feeding me by her hands when I'm be sick or something like that

  • Holy sh*t the guy's injured and you're complaining that he's kinda cranky and not offering all of your favorite things.

    • its not my favourite things... what matter is his behavior.
      and i support him, if u read what i wrote u ll know

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    • i bet u didn't even read what i wrote, only capture question... so go and read all-then try to answer

    • I did read it already, can see why the guy would be frustrated with you.

      Usually he makes you tea and offers food. Now he's hurt, says you should cook for yourself. Tells you to clean the dishes. The guy is hurt, so that explains why he'd be upset most of the time. No need to b*tch about 'he's talking with a meany voice'.

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