Like crazy into you!
They like you... A LOT! and aren't afraid to show it! they are super into you and would sacrifice livestock to gain your favor

I do, lol!, i enjoy feeling like someone loves me a lot!
and is crazy into me! i would reciprocate those feeelings!
and if i wasn't romantically attracted to her i would let her know, but i would appreciate her effort and make her feel good about herself

I used to have a girl in HS that made me lunch everyday!!!
Without me asking should would pack an extra sandwich she was super cute and awesome!
but she had a boyfriend!!! lol! he was older so he never saw her making me lunch lol!
but it was the best she would listen to my problems and give me neck massages in class

i miss her, she broke up with her boyfriend but lives in israel now :(

  • I love me a psycho ride or die
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  • 9-11 i have an emergency, there is a strange girl/boy who is sacrificing a goat on my front lawn
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  • my new boyfriend bought me a Royals Jersey! !! Not sure if it's crazy BUT I felt very special! ! he doesn't watch any sports, so it means a lot that he listens to me and pays attention to my loves!!! and I mean it's a ROYALS JERSEY! !! It was even better he surprised me with it and ROYALS headbands! !!

    • I am so happy for you!!!
      OMG!!! NEW BF!!! no wonder i haven't seen you here as often ;p

      Omg!!! whats his name? he sounds cute and loving!

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    • @red_arrow hahaha me considering I'm clothed

    • You won't get the best till he gets on your bare back, whether the back is bare or he goes under your shirt.

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  • As long as she's just worshiping me and not a psycho killer then I'm happy.

  • That's not really crazy that's just confident crazy would be liker someone doesn't get when no means no and will do anything to get what they want.

  • Yeah i like them very much, because they are fun to hang out with, they are more open, overall they are cool.

  • Eh I'd like for someone to love me but I wouldn't want them to be clingy. I like my independence and personal space lol

    • ... true love is sacrificing aniamls, you dont know what love is!!! jk!! lol

      yeah clingyness is annoying

  • I would tend more towards B and think she is a bit clingy.

  • Well, I wouldn't know what it'd be like to have a girl crazily into me, or into me at all, lol.

  • Yeahhhh
    I would love a neck massage now and then

    • Amen bro! lol! i really miss her, she still messages me all the time but she is so far away!

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    • Haha trying! my friend at uni would massage me she was cute but we are just friends she told me she didn't want a relationship, and wasn't ready :(
      but i dont complain lol we still cuddle watch movies and massage eachother

      i can't wait for the fall semester to start again

    • You still getting some of the perks so no complaining bro

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