What are some good chick flicks for post break up icecream pajama day?

Selfish cheating bastard...


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  • Chicago, is fun to watch
    Waiting to exhale

    Or just for fun watch The rocky horror show, just because that's an awesome movie

    • WOW thanks those are great suggestions! Rocky Horror was my go to break up pizza dance party with my best friend in college. XD

      I LOVE Chicago so that's going on the list. Can't remember all of waiting to Exhale but sounds like that will also do the job. Thanks, sounds like just what I need to pick myself up again, dust off and the that bum like road kill on the side of the highway.

    • Waiting to Exhale... Best ever!!!

      I forgot how good it was thanks.

    • Good welcome. I hope you feel better :)
      And screw your crappy ex , there better guys out there

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What Guys Said 3

  • Probably not a true "chick flick", but it sounds like Kill Bill may be in order.

    • LOL thanks for the laugh. I don't think I've reached mad yet, right now just sad.

    • I was hoping you'd see the humor in that. :D

      I liked Knight and Day and Bridesmaids, though.

  • 'Mean Girls' is funny. 'The Wedding Singer' is funny.

  • 'the outside world' or 'the gym' or 'quit moping around, girl!' my personal favorite.

    • I allow myself one day of moping. I just found out at 1am GMT-6 after being excited to see him returning from being out of town for 2 weeks. I'm a bit whiplashed, gym comes tomorrow. But thanks

    • You're very welcome.

What Girls Said 2

  • bruh, hit up "Thelma and Louise," "For a Good Time, Call...," I've never seen "Blue Crush," with Michelle Rodriguez, but it looks pretty good. But definitely try the first two.

    These are all female buddy movies with a low focus on romance, it's gorgeous. and perfect for a post breakup happy day.

  • John Tucker Must Die 👍🏼


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