Will he see me as a lady and high value woman, if I ask him out?

I met this man two weeks ago - our common friend introduced us (we both work in a same field and were connected via LinkedIn, as were chatting on professional forum recently, but never met) and he asked her for that introduction. Three of us had lunch together and after that lunch (that day) he wrote her that I´m great and that he wants to ask me out and asked her for my number. Later I found out that she didn´t give him my number from some reason (she got annoyed of being a middle-man), but told him to contact me via LinkedIn. He didn´t contact me until now, but I managed to get his number.

I like him and don´t want to spoil this. But I keep thinking about asking him out, but I´m worried that it won´t look good. Can I ask him out and be still seen as a lady?


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  • of course you can!


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